Indonesia FPV Drone: Bali & Java

I just kept going WOW! while watching this incredible FPV Drone video. I felt like I was watching a preview for Avatar or something that was computer generated. Truly off the hook and a must see video.

Iphone 14 Camera App Tips

Some really great tips on getting the most out of your Apple iPhone 14 camera app.

Naughty Film Boi Music Video by Sam Newton

Photographers will really get a kick out of this music video

VENICE Cinematic – on iPhone 14 Pro Max

This really shows how you can take your videos to the next level using the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The pacing and timing on this video works really well and shows a great use of the time-lapse feature in addition to creating a great story line.

25 Drone Moves For Cinematic B Roll

Jeven Dovey shares some really simple ideas on creating those great B roll effects with your drone to create a cinematic impact.

10 reasons VERO is slapping instagram right now

Are you on VERO, has instagram jumped the shark? Will the mainstream users flock over to it and just not content creators?

Casey Neistat Goes to Cannes Film Festival

Casey seldom posts anymore but I’m always impressed by his filmmaking abilities and how he transitions from one scene and conversation to another.

9 Filmmaking Transitions from Mattie Haapoja

Mattie Haapoja walks through these 9 easy transitions to help advance your story line and allow you to move from scene to scene.

Chasing Driftcars with a Racing Drone

Using homemade custom built drones made out of carbon and metal and flying the drone using DJI Airunit/goggles, the video in full screen mode takes you right into the center of the action. Here’s the original Reddit post where we found this video To learn more on how to build these, check out Joshua Bardwell […]

DJI Mavic 3 deployed from the top of Mt. Everest

A crew of Chinese mountaineers summited Mt. Everest and figured they had some time to deploy a drone, so why not? Creating a totally new perspective of the world’s highest peak.