Tweet Trip Across Europe

Anton Isaev took a trip around Europe and put together one of the most interesting travel videos you’ll ever see. The transitions and cuts are super creative and though this video may not be for everyone, it’s worth adding for some inspiration.

Using Google translate here is the backstory on the video.

“The Europe tweet trip is my fantasy of what it would be like if creative people were constantly listening to their audience’s advice and trying to please everyone.

This is my new video, which has gone through many versions and reworks. Every time I finished the next cut, I would review it and understand – no, I can’t afford to release such a weak video, even if it’s just a travel video.

I’m used to redoing all my travel videos multiple times. Starting from the video from Dubai, which was released in 2012, Portrait of India, for which I could not find music for a month and a half, and ending with the one that you can finally appreciate today.

And the most interesting thing is that these alterations have always changed my approach and increased my skill. In fact, making a video that will have several tracks and graphics is not so easy. But let’s talk about the backstory.

In the summer of 2017, I went on a trip to Europe in order to shoot a new video and still try out what a visa-free regime is.

The last video I released before was Exploring Koh Phangan. And at that moment I was already a little tired of Asian countries. In addition, he bought his first car, before the appearance of which he could not even drive, so a trip to Europe was a great option in every sense.

The whole journey took a month and a half. And it was a rather difficult trip, as I constantly had to walk the streets with a full set of equipment from a camera with lenses and a stabilizer to a heavy laptop in my backpack.

At the same time, I constantly approached people, asked them to star in my video. And, alas, not always my English was enough to explain what needs to be done. But for the most part, people are not against such adventures, so thanks to the European mentality for the fact that I rarely received refusals.

As in any other country, the most beautiful places can be found on the maps by typing “Attractions” or “Top 10 places” in Google, and the most atmospheric – if you go away from the beautiful ones. Therefore, traveling around Europe by car is the best option. I don’t regret it.

There was so much material that after editing of the most beautiful and effective moments, which you can even now put in the finished video, the timeline of the timeline was about forty minutes. Sometimes I even thought about doing a series pilot or a vlog about a trip to Europe.

But despite the fact that there were many versions of the editing, the Workshop was still a serious reason for the delay in the creation of this video, the responsibility for which did not allow me to sit down for a couple of weeks and finish the video.

And reason number two was the sad thought that I shot this video no longer at the level at which I can and with the wrong camera, with which it is time for me to shoot such videos. I lacked dynamics, close-ups and much more. And the only solution for all this was the idea that you need to fuck with the idea and, as always, the graphics, with which Vova Zhuruk helped me.

In general, there is much more to be said. I closed the gestalt that made me feel dizzy at the thought of new videos in this style. I think that it still looks good for 2022, although it was filmed in 2017. It is unlikely that it will shoot, but I completed it for myself and for those of you who have been waiting for it for a long time.

Enjoy watching”


Video filming and editing: Anton Isaev

VFX in the second half of the video: Vova Zhuruk

Color grading: Petr Shpernal:

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