The Wonder

“Nature and the beauty of the wilderness is far far greater than us.”

THE WONDER is a reflective journey exploring the human sense of awe and wonder amidst the landscape and wildlife of Kenya.

This film follows the story of Ninian Lowis, a safari guide who has spent much of his life amongst the wilderness of Africa – surrounded by rich savannah, mountains, forests, deserts and the extraordinary creatures that reside within these very landscapes. The story revolves around his reflections of how nature helped overcome a sense of purposelessness during his youth, and how he came to realize that a sense of solitude and deep exposure to wild environments had the ability to awaken his senses.

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As a filmmaker, I wanted to share the childlike sense of wonder that I myself felt when being in the presence of African wildlife and wilderness. Admittedly, there were many parallels to how I felt as a young child watching Jurassic Park for the first time – the experience of seeing the sheer number and diversity of these beasts all walking amongst each other moved me immensely. To realize that there were still places on this earth that could make you feel this sense of awe was something I really wanted to share.

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Behind-the-scenes images:

For more info on safari travel:

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Featuring: The Lowis Family

Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Goh Iromoto
Sound Recordist / Camera Assistant / Editor: Courtney Boyd

Colourist: Jason Zukowski • Redlab
Motion Designer: Jay Smith • Upstate
Sound Design & Mix: Quewin Warnasuriya • Toronto Sound

“Carved in Mayhem” by Luke Atencio
“N • W” by Blake Ewing

Locations in Kenya:
Shaba National Reserve
Suguta Valley
Lake Turkana
Aberdares National Park
Mount Kenya National Park
Masai Mara

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