A Master at Work: Sir Don McCullin in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city rich with photographic opportunity. Follow Master Photographer Sir Don McCullin as he captures the richness and vibrancy of this city of almost 15 million people packed into 80 square miles. At 82 years old, Don is hard to keep up with as his excitement and champing at the bit to get […]

72 Hours To Get The EPIC Shots in Tanzania

Pierre T. Lambert goes to Tanzania and tries to get those epic shots while on safari and taking a hot air balloon ride. Though its a bit unconventional, they get out and get some great shots in the tall grasses of the Serengeti and on top of a Kopjes with the Maasai.
Tweet Trip Across Europe

Tweet Trip Across Europe

Anton Isaev took a trip around Europe and put together one of the most interesting travel videos you’ll ever see. The transitions and cuts are super creative and though this video may not be for everyone, it’s worth adding for some inspiration. Using Google translate here is the backstory on the video. “The Europe tweet […]