25 Drone Moves For Cinematic B Roll

Jeven Dovey shares some really simple ideas on creating those great B roll effects with your drone to create a cinematic impact.

8 Steps to Cinematic Composition

Forget film school, these tips will have you one your way to creating some great images and videos. Leading lines and the Rule of Thirds have always been a favorite but we also like the segment on Break the Rules.

How to Make Travel Videos for Beginners

We’re all beginners at some point and this videos really nails the nuts and bolts from What Shots to Get for a Good Travel Video and Why? to How to Transition from One Place to the Other.

Beautiful Time Lapse

Every frame of this video was shot in a raw still format from a Canon 5D2 DSLR.  Then processed in Adobe After Effects that helps explains not only the remarkable clarity of these scenes but the HDR effect that’s clearly visible in several of the shots. Landscapes Volume 4 is the compilation of over a […]

How to Shoot Food Photography

Ever wonder the process to get those amazing food photos? In this video,  show you steps to with some tips and tricks to great food photography.

You Don’t Need Talent to be a Great Photographer!

Manny Ortiz on hard work beats talent and it takes experience and dedication to become a great photographer. We also need to stop comparing ourselves to other photographers.

50 Travel Photography Tips to Take Epic Photos

This is a quick rapid fire video of 50 tips to bring your travel photos to a new level.

Joey Lawrence Shares Some Photo Insight

Joey Lawrence has been an inspiration to many and shares his insight on what he looks for in working with people and getting an emotional connection with the viewer. His composition secret is creating a good balance and utilizing the “Rule of Thirds”. His advance for those that want to advance is to use the […]

High-Speed Water Drops

Here you’ll learn the technique to create stunning images with water and color as explained and subtitled by Markus Reugels. With high speed photography it is possible to freeze water drops down to a millisecond and create unique images. With these images Markus uses no image manipulation, color, and shape changing. It’s all done in camera and […]

How to Create Refractographs

This tutorial guides you through the process to create Refractographs and shows you the process Rob Turney uses to create these abstract photographs. Refractographs are caustic patterns produced as light reflects and refracts through an object. Check out robturneyvisuals.com/portfolio/refraction/ for some examples of his refractographs.