New Update to Instagram – Are They Headed in the Right Direction?

Peter McKinnon shares his thoughts on the new update to Instagram and talks about the new image format of 9×16.

5 Things You Should Know About Haters

“If you don’t have haters, it means you’re not doing it right.” I heard a comedian say that recently and I was so offended… Like, did he know something I didn’t?! But then it hit me… He was so right. If you have big dreams, there will always be people who try to tear you […]

How To Start Making Money From Social Media as a Photographer

Sawyer Hartman a six-figure social media earner goes through the nuts and bolts of how to start making money as a social media photographer. Some of his tips include: How to approach brands, it’s easier than you think. Finding out what you bring to the table and what is your value to the customer Shoot […]