New Update to Instagram – Are They Headed in the Right Direction?

Peter McKinnon shares his thoughts on the new update to Instagram and talks about the new image format of 9×16.

Is Volume or Value More Important on Social Media?

Jasmine Star gives some real solid advice in this video on how to run your social media empire as a creative. One of the key takeaways here is your audience will likely prefer content over quality.. really? Yup, you don’t need to make sure everything is perfect.. done is better than perfect.

How to Plan, Create + Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE Day What if I were to tell you you could plan an entire month of social media posts in one day? Would think I was crazy? Would you believe me? Well, I’m here to show you how YOU can do it with ease. Join me for a free online class walking you through How to […]

How to Become a Social Influencer So often we struggle sticking out in a sea competition, or question how to be seen in the midst of an avalanche of advertisements. I get it. But it’s perspective I refuse to dwell on. I might not be more talented than my competition, I might not be able to spend thousands on ads…but […]

Don’t start a photography YouTube channel

This video is Part One of a three part series about what I’ve learned so far of running a photography-focused YouTube channel. In this first part, I discuss all the reasons not to start, how hard it is, and the realities of being a YouTube photography influencer. Stay tuned for future episodes where we talk […]