Timelapse on 100 MP Fuji GFX100 Camera

This is as leading edge as you get with digital cameras. This Timelapse shot on the Fuji GFX100 is simply outstanding. To give you an idea of just how big the images taken with GFX100 are; you could fill a rectangular grid of 12 (twelve!!!) 4k monitors, with just one picture taken with this camera!. […]
How to Shoot Skylines and Cityscapes

How to Shoot Skylines and Cityscapes

Lou Jones shares his tips and ideas on the importance of photographing a city’s skyline. He explains that these photographs establish a sense of place, familiarize you with your surroundings and are good business. Lou Jones’ eclectic career has evolved from commercial to the personal. It has spanned every format, film type, artistic movement and […]