LIGHTROOM VS. PHOTOSHOP – which is better?

In this video, Jessica Kobeissi edits two different photos in Lightroom and Photoshop to showcase the differences between the two programs.

Film Look in Photoshop

Get the film look…without the film – in photoshop. *SPONSORED BY SQUARESPACE* ► Make YOUR new website today at ► use offer code JESSICA for 10% your first purchase! FILM TEXTURE PACK: ►

How to add the Sun to your Photos – Photoshop Tutorial

Download the Suns Files here : Check out my full package of special effects here: In this Photoshop Tutorial, I am continuing the series on adding that extra element to your photos that can take your photos to the next level. In this episode, we are adding the sun!

Remove ANYTHING from a photo using Photoshop!

Peter McKinnon shares this great tip on how to use Photoshops new content aware feature. Content-Aware fill now allows you to choose where you want Photoshop to pull information out of. This is a huge game changer.

How to Create a Custom Brush in Photoshop

This is a great tutorial that takes you through the processes of creating a snowy custom brush in Photoshop. You can also download the custome brush and sample image a… ‎

How to Change Overcast Photos into Awesome in Photoshop

In this photoshop photo manipulation tutorial, learn how you can use the multiply mode to change the sky. This will show you tips and tricks to make it blend natural even more!

Adventure Series – Exposed

Another great video from Dave Hill. Here he takes you on and adventure of a fly through of layering his images (11 in this video) to create a single usable image. More of Dave’s work at  

Using Textures in Photoshop

Nick Merritt show you a simple way to use textures as layer masks to create a distressed, vintage look.

Remove Tourists in Photoshop

In this tutorial, Serge Ramelli will show you his workflow to erase tourist on a photo. He covers examples of : 1. Taking several shots of the same scene with a tripod and then using masks to erase some of the tourists. 2. Use the stamp tool to erase difficult parts. 3. Using the patch […]