New Lightroom Classic, My top 4 best features! Must watch

Here is my top 4 best features of the new Lightroom Classic 9.0 1. Content-aware fill in Panorama is here! 2. Batch Export 3. Export group of Presets 4. Filter collection by colors

From Boring Afternoon Photos to Fine Art Black and White

To get my source files, sign up at: #blackWhitePhotography #fineart Come with me in the garden of Luxembourg in Paris and I want to show you how you can take boring afternoon photos and with the right composition make them into nice Black and White Fine art that you can hang on a wall. […]

How to retouch a panorama in Lightroom CC like a PRO

Click here to download the raw files: Discover a PRO workflow to retouch a panorama in Lightroom CC 2019 How to stick the photo together How to expose the panorama when shooting straight into the sun How to retouch globally the photo How to use the brushes, radial filter and graduated filter to retouch […]

5 Editing Tools EVERY Photographer Should Know How to Use

Editing photos is essential to the intention of any photographer. There is a wide range of software available today, but understanding how to use 5 essential tools – histograms, sliders, levels, curves and color wheels will make it possible to edit in any photo editor whether its Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Luminar 4 or any […]

Edit Your Photos With JUST ONE TOOL – Lightroom Pro Tip

Matti Haapoja explains how to use HSL in Lightroom. HSL stands for hue saturation and luminance, The hue is the shade or the tint or the tone of that color the saturation is how vibrant is that color or how strong it is and the luminance is how bright or dark a photo is.

How to Dodge and Burn in Lightroom

Get the source files here: In this episode, I will show you exactly how I dodge and burn in color and in black and white. Check out also my last video on 10 tips to become a pro fine art photographer: #sergeramelli #lightroomtutorial #dodgeandburn

How to use the Range Mask tool in Lightroom

In this video, I show you a Lightroom tip that has benefited my photography over the past year and will improve yours too. I show you how I use the Range Mask tool in Lightroom. It is simple and will give you additional control when managing shadows and highlights. I assumed everybody knew about this, […]

Lightroom Editing Session (Full Tutorial)

Sawyer Hartman walks through the steps of editing an image in Lightroom. We hope he continues with this tutorial series to help us all refine our editing skills. Want to learn How To Edit Photos Like A Pro?! Welcome to my New Lightroom Editing Sessions Series! Today’s Episode the infamous Orange & Teal Photo Edit! – […]

LIGHTROOM VS. PHOTOSHOP – which is better?

In this video, Jessica Kobeissi edits two different photos in Lightroom and Photoshop to showcase the differences between the two programs.

Beginner Tutorial: How to make panoramas in Lightroom in 2019

Get my natural presets here and raw files : Get the Pro presets here: In this tutorial I walk you through all different ways to make a panorama in Lightroom. I will give you all my tricks to stitch and compose as well as editing.