How to Dodge and Burn in Lightroom

Get the source files here: In this episode, I will show you exactly how I dodge and burn in color and in black and white. Check out also my last video on 10 tips to become a pro fine art photographer: #sergeramelli #lightroomtutorial #dodgeandburn

How to use the Range Mask tool in Lightroom

In this video, I show you a Lightroom tip that has benefited my photography over the past year and will improve yours too. I show you how I use the Range Mask tool in Lightroom. It is simple and will give you additional control when managing shadows and highlights. I assumed everybody knew about this, […]

Lightroom Editing Session (Full Tutorial)

Sawyer Hartman walks through the steps of editing an image in Lightroom. We hope he continues with this tutorial series to help us all refine our editing skills. Want to learn How To Edit Photos Like A Pro?! Welcome to my New Lightroom Editing Sessions Series! Today’s Episode the infamous Orange & Teal Photo Edit! – […]

LIGHTROOM VS. PHOTOSHOP – which is better?

In this video, Jessica Kobeissi edits two different photos in Lightroom and Photoshop to showcase the differences between the two programs.

Beginner Tutorial: How to make panoramas in Lightroom in 2019

Get my natural presets here and raw files : Get the Pro presets here: In this tutorial I walk you through all different ways to make a panorama in Lightroom. I will give you all my tricks to stitch and compose as well as editing.

Why you should be using Lightroom Mobile

Video Sponsored by Skillshare. The first 500 people to use this link will get a 2 month, free trial! Ted Forbes shares why he has moved almost exclusively to Lightroom Mobile on his iPad. He also shares info on Cloud Synching, probably the most powerful way of leveraging Adobe Lightroom. This lets you import files, […]

Amazing Dramatic Black and White in 2019 – Lightroom Turorial

Get the dramatic black and white presets for free here: Get the full pro bundle here: This is the 3rd day of my workshop in Los Angles, doing dramatic Black and white in Downtown Los Angeles! #blackandwhitephotography #lightroomtutorial #sergeramelli

How to Turn a Boring Photo Into an Awesome Image With Lightroom!

In this tutorial, I will show you to take a boring daylight photo and in Lightroom using presets we are going to make it into a nice golden hour look. Get the Natural Presets pack free here: Get the full pro bundle here: #sergeramelli #lightroomtutorial #freepresets

Finding the right composition: Malibu – Is Lightroom HDR any good?

Get the Natural LITE FREE pack with my free Presets here: Get the full pack here: In this video I’m taking you to two different Malibu Beach and show you the good, the bad and the ugly photos and how I retouch them using my presets or without if you hate presets 🙂

Finding the right Composition Hollywood. Lightroom Tutorial

Get the Natural Presets Lite free here: Get full presets pack with a limited special offer here: This the day one of my workshop In Los Angeles. That day we were in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, I show you the behind the scene of the photos. How I select the good ones […]