Nature Photography Workshop Tutorial – Part 1/5

This is a good start for a Nature Photography tutorial. Brian Palmer leads a Nature Photography workshop at the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This first video is basic info designed more for beginners. You can see the other parts to this series at the links below. This is a highly recommended series and well worth the time to watch.

Part 2 covers:

Components of Exposure Shutter Speed Aperture ISO
Priority Modes Aperture Priority Shutter Priority
Manual Mode
Depth of Field
Sweet Spot

Part 3 covers:

Stabilization Tripods Monopods Body Bracing
Long Exposure Trigger Release Self Timer
Painting with Light
Filters Polarizing (PL) Neutral Density (ND)
Light Types Available Reflector Pop-up Flash Speedlights Studio Strobes Hot Lights
TTL vs Non-TTL
Light Qualities
Using Gels
Ring Lights

Part 4 covers:

Lens Coice Lens Types Perspective & Compression
Showing Scale
Adding Depth
HDR Overview and Demo
Adobe Camera RAW Demo
Bit Depth Explained
Local Knowledge Chester River Death Valley – Badwater, Mesquite Dunes Antelope Canyon

Part 5 covers:
Getting Started With Camera Gear Choices Renting vs Buying
Gimbal Heads
Better Beamer
Get Out and Shoot Death Valley – Mesquite Dunes Horseshoe Bend Rhyolite (Ghost Town)

All Filmed by Eric Broussard
and Edited by Brian Palmer

(c) 2011 – Brian Palmer




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