My 10 tips for becoming a pro Fine Art Photographer

Serge Ramelli offers these 10 tips to becoming a pro.

Check out my full life story here:

Here is the video if you want to start making money that I did a while ago that shows you how to retouch interior design photos:


01:00 Take the decision
01:42 Find a personal project
02:50 Learn until you are happy with your work
03:48 Steal like an artist
04:47 Don’t give up your day job quite yet
05:19 Or start making money with interior design or wedding photography
06:40 Focus on Instagram and Google +
08:11 Get published in Magazine
10:06 Sell your tutorials
01:41 Contact the Galleries

Useful website:
Get your photo from Instagram to Google + and too many other social media automatically:

Sell your tutorials: (What I use)

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