How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer

Karl Taylor goes through a few bullet points and explains what it takes to be noticed.

Hint: Have great work!

He walks the walk, check out his website

He answers these and a few other questions

What’s the problem with lots of the photography and marketing training out there nowadays?

What’s the most important requirement to making it as a professional photographer?

How can a photographer become good enough to make it as a professional?

Is social media all it’s cracked up to be?

How do you attract followers and bring in business?

In an online world, are printed brochures a waste of money in building a photography business?

What websites are best for professional photographers and how much should they spend?

What is the key to winning business as a pro-photographer?

How to make money from stock libraries?

How can you promote a photography business?
He answers all these questions and more so hopefully there is something for everyone!

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