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you know never mind what’s up everybody
Peter we get in here welcome back to yet
another video another day another vid
thanks so much for tuning in love ya
good to see you here all of your smiling
faces today we are gonna break down the
break the habit video basically how I
edit at b-roll video above short mini
short film an internet video weird
breakdown how I make a video
specifically the shots I chose and why
how I organize them and then most
importantly the sound design how I did
it the things that I use the places I
got the sounds and why it makes videos a
thousand times better and we’re gonna
end things off with a challenge giving
away some subscriptions to epidemics
sounds that you can do the same thing
it’s gonna be a good one I’m super
excited for the hashtag challenge by the
way because it’s almost the end of
summer depressing so we’re going to end
off the summer with another hashtag
challenge which I’m psyched about so
with all that out of the way let’s jump
in to the video today alright so jumping
into Premiere Pro it all starts for me
where the project bins live so I like to
make different folders for all the
different cameras that we’re using and
then just random folders like Miss SFX
music those types of things
everything’s organized it’s all clean
it’s all tidy I know if I open up any of
these folders everything is neatly
organized inside ready to go what is in
things like light hits or dust or random
drone shots or mat bars or you know a
little insert or a meme or whatever I’m
trying to you know just accent well
little spice rack if you will just drop
it in some spices those those things go
in the misc folder this edit
specifically the whole underwater film
kind of happened by accident
give you a little a little back history
on what you saw Tuesday called break the
habit from a nation that operates on a
false belief that were not as important
without a blue check or a first-class
seat to social status over a social life
an online presence rather than being
present that little spoken word thing I
actually wrote that on a flight home
from Finland a year ago and I recorded
that voice over the same day I recorded
the voiceover for that little film I
made called the owl those moments are
important with the real moments you know
the substance and nostalgia in life it’s
the small everyday stuff the routines
those were done within 10 minutes of
each other and I had this voice over I
had it with some other footage and I’ve
been trying it on different things here
and there just didn’t fit it just didn’t
fit it didn’t feel like it was working
so I just put it on the back shelf last
week went out to make a vlog which
you’ve probably seen by now called
underwater photography where Chris Howe
and myself were exploring this new
housing in just different ways to take
photos because it’s difficult so I
started editing the b-roll because I was
feeling it they got home super-excited
and realize like oh this is this is kind
of dope this is kind of better than the
vlog so I thought to myself maybe I
should just put it out as its own little
video because I’m just really proud of
it it just really turned out well I got
I’m psyched on this then I thought the
voice-over that might actually work for
this because the footage kind of feels
ominous and just a little bit darker and
moody it’s got that heavy weights that
feeling to it I thought that voice over
might just be perfectly suited after I
finished editing everything did all the
sound all the sound designs I dropped
that voice over in and it just worked so
he sent everything off to get it mixed
it came back sounded amazing it’s funny
I was like I didn’t plan for that even
be a video that was gonna make last week
so it just happened that’s your little
backstory that’s your little history on
break a habit take a look at the
timeline this is what it looks like you
get your main Clips right here you got
your end titles you got a couple accents
at the top got a little dust filter in
there this little thing added these
little bad boys and all those little
floaties in the water a lot of that
stuff was already in the water this
particular shot didn’t have anything I
thought it looks kind of cool and then
the real the real meat of this piece
happens on all the audio tracks below so
you can see there’s not a ton I’ve done
a lot more sound design than this but
these all of these things are all the
sounds that I specifically added to make
it feel you know a lot more cinematic
that sound design has everything to do
with what makes that film great it’s one
of those understated things sometimes
it’s not very exciting to do the more
and more I do it the more and more I
love it but it adds so much value to a
film I might be wondering where I get
all my sounds it’s kind of a mix between
sounds I make myself with my own sound
packs epidemic sound is where to get the
bulk of everything
because not only do they do music like
I’ve told you guys they they do sound
effects as well and then I’ve just
picked up random packs here and there
and I have this just massive library of
the most random things I think if I
needed I got cattle walking I’ll find it
I’ll try to find sonar beep I’ll try to
find those specific things going back to
epidemics sound they have a massive
massive sound effects library so like
the sonar beats at the beginning all of
those are from epidemics down so you
know what you’ve seen the film this is
what it sounds like you get that cool
music in the background little sonar
beep well-placed nice piano comes in all
of those undertones in the background
all of those whooshes the bubbles that
you’re hearing all of those things just
add add to the mood and just the vibes
that you get when you watch this without
those it wouldn’t be nearly as impactful
there’s that sonar beeping n-now the
music it’s paused that the music makes
it sentimental it makes it feel sad it
makes it feel emotional which is great
but I’m gonna play it again in a second
without any of the actual music just to
show you how cool it sounds is just with
the sound design
okay cool so that’s enough let’s go
ahead disable those two audio tracks
right click enable right click enable so
now all you’re gonna hear is the sound
design from this film I’ll let it roll
for a little bit just you can kind of
get a little idea
it’s almost cool without music like it
would work you could upload this with no
music and guarantee there’s maybe
commenters that say I prefer it without
music and yeah there’s a little bit of
me that does too fun little fact that
sound you’ve heard of me kicking my foot
was actually a low-pass filter I put on
the sound of a jet flying through the
air just worked with the water and the
way my foot cut through that so one of
my tips would be if you’re making sound
design it doesn’t always necessarily
have to be the exact sound that you’re
looking for I talked about this maybe
two years ago now when I was shooting
with Jesse driftwood and he he did a
massive like ollie off of like a six set
and when he landed I wanted like a
really impactful hit but I didn’t want
like a typical boom I wanted a good
impactful like I wanted you to feel it
in your bones and your bone marrow
that’s where I wanted you to feel it I
found a sound clip of prison doors being
slammed shut a sound of jail doors being
slammed shut it sounds like this put a
little extra sauce on those in Premiere
Pro low-pass different EQ things and
when he lands
that’s steel that that slamming of the
door resonating just sounded so good and
it’s just those little things like a
fighter jet going by if you hear it
again you’ll see what I mean by like
very easy sound to find low passed it
doubled it split it just a little bit
just play it around until it sounded
right you’d never know that was a jet
the funny thing is getting on to the
getting out of the CD there that water
splash that didn’t exist those were two
sounds I found on epidemic sound called
like bathtub water splash or something I
just found two that worked put them in
the exact spot because you don’t know
where the water hits like you can’t see
it individually falling on different
parts of that platform like it just you
just see water splashing you hear it
your brain makes the connection it works
so listen to that again
so anytime I did underwater stuff I
found what’s called like an atmospheric
undertone if you will not necessarily
music not necessarily a sound effect but
just like a resonating undertone and
atmospheric sound of just like kind of
like wind blowing or but those types of
atmospheric undertones work great
especially when you’re trying to get
like a creepy vibe or a mysterious or
scary those types of things which works
for underwater you can hear there in the
background so that was just a sound
effect of someone’s swimming I just
slowed it down by 50% because the sound
effects sounded like this so I just put
it back in slowed it down to 50% put a
low-pass filter on it and a low-pass
I’ll show you that in a second
right so if I have to do that again in
the timeline we’ve got our in and our
out points I can drag that on here now
we listen to that okay cool command J if
you’re on a Mac and I can change that
speed to 50% now we listen to it it
works but it’s just like a little too
sharp it’s a little too bright that
sounds you come over here to effects
you’re gonna type in low-pass drag that
onto our clip here and now let’s listen
to it and it sounds like this so that
even listening to that could sound like
breathing underwater like letting
bubbles go so you could even double that
sound with something sinking underwater
and it would sound like let’s just say
you threw a stone into the water and
then you followed it down as it was just
sinking lower and lower and lower now
visualize that and listen to this 100%
that would work and that’s just the
sound of someone swimming but we just
adjusted it to work for something else
that’s where sound design just gets very
exciting so that low-pass is a little
bit too much you don’t hear this you
don’t hear the sloshing of the water as
sharp as I wanted it so we just adjust
the cutoff a little bit until you find
something you’re happy with that’s good
now you’ve got a sound that works for
two different things let’s keep watching
there’s that bathtub noise again
obviously a hit and you dive into the
water bubbles again because we’re seeing
bubbles so again brain makes that
it just works in a little whoosh to go
with that reverse clip and then at the
end for the credits put those sonar
beeps back in with the underwater
bubbles now after all of those things
were finished
music looked good about how I wanted it
to feel sound design was ready to go
what you do if you’re gonna ever send
this off to someone who mixes audio you
send them an om F file which is an open
media framework I think it stands for
but essentially I don’t have to send
Gabe all my additional sound effects I
just export the OMF file then he can
bring that into Pro Tools or whatever
software he’s using to mix an audio
engineer and he can still tweak all of
those things for me and then send me
back a final mix we are creatures of
habit yearning for a way to be heard but
rarely stop to hear now it’s all done so
all I got to do is completely disable
all the audio from everything so we can
do that by selecting all of the audio
just coming down here dragging a box
over everything and then right click and
enable that basically Gray’s out all of
the audio as you can see mr. t right
here so we can click and disable those
ones and then we just drop in our master
mix at the bottom and the only thing we
have for audio is that fresh new track
at the bottom that has everything with
it a couple other little fun things that
I did was color grading this so if
you’ve ever shot underwater video in a
lake specifically the one that’s close
to me isn’t necessarily the clearest
lake that you’ve ever seen it’s not
really freshwater it’s it works and it’s
it’s nice and I like to go out and swim
in it but by no means is it
good for footage so let’s just take a
look for example at the color grade of a
clip like this water and let’s hide the
effects on it that’s actually what it
looked like
put that effect back on and that is the
color grade we ended with same thing
with diving into the water here before
after it was really difficult with the
shots that were split half-and-half or
you could see the sky and you could see
the water because I wanted to color
grade the water but with the amount of
color grading I had to do to shift it
from green to blue it affected the sky
as well so I’d to create a mask which
let me just color grade the water not
touching the sky but I had to do that
mask for every frame of the water right
so check this out
so coming over here to that jumping shot
which was super cool if we turn off the
effects that’s what the water looked
like but I wanted it to look like this
but if the whole sky looked like that it
was it would just look weird so up here
is actually the mask that I made you can
see that mask as it moves through the
frames because you have to mask it frame
by frame because that water is moving
right so if we scrub through from the
it’s little things like that that
usually go unnoticed but those types of
things take a long time but they do make
those projects a lot nicer when you put
the love and the extra attention into
little things like that now in this
particular clip I go underwater and
Chris follows me down but I didn’t like
what it looked like once we got under
the water now we’ll play it frame by
frame so you can see me going underwater
and suddenly that’s a new shot
so I started masking out the water as it
just moves upwards and then my body
continues to fall down so when you see
it at speed you don’t even realize
there’s a cut there it’s kind of just
been hidden your brain just kind of
pieces together so again I created a
mask masked out the transition as that
camera goes onto the water to a
different clip of me going onto the
water but going in the same direction
that’s screen direction we’ve talked
about that sometimes if you have someone
walking to the right and the next clip
cuts and it’s a car driving to the right
then it’s a bird flying to the right
those things all seamlessly work
together well because of screen
direction they’re all going the same way
so feels seamless it feels almost like a
transition in and of itself but it’s not
your brain just kind of pieces it
together the shot up top he was moving
down the next shot he’s still moving
down cool and we covered that cut with a
mask on the water and if we go frame by
frame it just slowly moves up so that
wasn’t a very big one it was only one
two three four frames and that was
enough to get a nice little seamless
seamless little transition there so
finding those clips that work together
even though you didn’t intentionally
shoot them to be together is something
to definitely look for when you’re
making projects like this now one last
tip that I like to do when I’m making
things like little mini short films or
little b-roll films if you will is
making sure that music ends when it’s
supposed to so this track was actually
quite a bit longer three minutes and 11
seconds but you’ll notice the film is
only 2 minutes and 30 seconds so I just
made a little cut here you probably even
really notice when you’re actually
paying attention to the video
that’s what the cot was
might be a little obvious now that I’ve
pointed it out when you’re watching the
film no one’s gonna know that there was
a cut there so I just find a spot near
the ending that I like because it got
more triumphant it’s starting to build
and I wanted that as the ending and I
found the same kind of note that watched
the waveform and I just matched them up
as best as I could I would say don’t be
afraid to take the music that you want
and Frankenstein it up a little bit so
that it works specifically for you
that’s something that we always try to
do with our videos is end them where the
song ends instead of just having to fade
it out I’m not a big fan of just long
fade outs of music it works but I prefer
it to end where it’s supposed to end it
makes it feel more polished and
professional like it was meant for this
piece and I think I already mentioned
this but I love to choose the music
first a lot of times I hear something
and it it inspires the idea for a
I hear that music and it starts to
inject ideas into my brain and then I
want to shoot to match the music that I
hear in my head or that I found online
so a lot of the times that’s how I start
things and I started this whole project
by finding that music first it could
have been the first thing I put him a
timeline so having that allowed me to
just edit the mood through the song
versus trying to have all the footage
and then find a song that maybe works
for all of the cuts I always find for me
personally as an editor finding that
track first really helps not only just
with editing to the beat but inspiring
the whole visual before we even get
started so those are just kind of my
tips I hope you guys enjoyed that a
little just a little behind the scenes
look at how I make something like this
starts with organization finding the
music and getting inspired to culling
through the footage to find good
transition points the color grade
obviously and then a big one is the
sound design so coming back to that I
propose that we do the p.m. SFX
challenge so definitely hashtag you’re
gonna post these on instagrams so the
challenge is make a 30-second b-roll
film highly in
which sound effects using music and
sound from epidemic sound now I’ve
linked it below if you’re not a member
that’s where I get all my music that’s
where I get all my sound effects a lot
of stuff comes right there so if you
want to sign up trial all of those
things are outlined clearly at the link
below click on that check it out we’ll
get back to this at the very beginning
of September I want to give you guys
some time if you’re traveling or if you
want to go somewhere to make it and then
we’ll feature let’s say ten different
artists but you got to use that hashtag
PM SFX challenge so I can go through
them and then we’ll all listen together
so that’ll be cool and we’ll pick three
winners and they’ll get one-year
subscription free from epidemic sound
okay guys that is it for me hopefully
you liked this video I hope you enjoyed
it hope you got something out of it
subscribe if you want to stick around
and see more photography cinematography
vlogs short this is all of the things
stick around if you want to see more of
that be happy to have you join the
community join the discussion and and I
will see you in the next video see ya

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