Jaw Dropping Portraits with Cheap Cinema Projector LENS

The portraits achieved with this adapted film projector lens are simply stunning.  Mathieu Stern’s does a fantastic job showing how he adapted the projector lens and the results are outstanding. Also check out his other video where he uses an iceberg as a lens.


Turn your lens around and shoot through it, who would have thought that this would give you a perfectly usable macro lens?. Just don’t do this at Burning Man, your sensor will be toast.. or dust. Peter McKinnon shares this great technique in a two minute Tuesday segment.

Mind Blowing 85mm Zeiss OTUS Lens

At $4500, the Zeiss OTUS 85mm 1.4 lens will set you back some serious cash, but you definitely get what you pay for here. Though it is manual focus it has a 261 degrees of rotation, letting you focus to the nth degree. Matt Granger shares some example photos and goes through all the features in […]

Natural light 50mm portrait photography

An interesting video that shows some great portrait images of model Imogen. Though there aren’t any tips other than camera settings, it gives you a good idea what you can accomplish with a Nifty Fifty lens. See more of Imogen on Flickr  

Behind the Glass Part 1: An Intro to Lenses

Check out the Vimeo Video School Series here- http://vimeo.com/videoschool/lesson/114/behind-the-glass-an-introduction-to-lenses Part 2: Focal Length – http://vimeo.com/27556331 Part 3: Depth of Field – http://vimeo.com/27556482 Music by digi g’alessio used under Creative Commons: http://soundcloud.com/digigalessio/morning-jam-with-darth-vader