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How Youtube Has Changed Me in 4 Years

This will be the last video from my office for some time as I am off on a journey to South America, but before leaving I wanted to look at how this channel hs changed me over the past 4 years. I look at the pros and cons of being successful on Youtube and discuss […]

IGNORE these DxOMark scores

DxOMark has tons of USEFUL data & we appreciate the hard work they do. Learn what to use & what to ignore at DxO: However, their summaries are what every photography blog inevitably shares, and they’re completely misleading – and photographers often spend thousands of dollars based on this misleading info. Check out our […]

Why is the Photography community so TOXIC?

Manny Ortiz addresses why the photography community seems so toxic. We have seen a huge amount of this on websites like Petapixel. In fact it’s at the point where we don’t even want to go to the comment sections of many popular photography websites. Manny shares that it may boil down to EGO and insecurities.

Dance Floor Camera Twist For Wedding Photography

Motion can add excitement to typically bland dance floor photography. In just 60 seconds, learn how to create in-action dance floor shots that are going to WOW your clients! For more info on the technique described in the video visit:

How To Create Better Reception Photos With Your Flash

Need help in low-light reception rooms? We’ve got you covered! See how we use Mag Grids to help shape and pin our light! Learn more about Magmod products here: Upgrade to SLRL Premium to see more tips & tricks:

From A Dollar Fifty To A Million | Interview With Sue Bryce Part I

In this interview, Sue Bryce takes us through how she became a photographer, and how she grew from her mistakes and her failures. Article Link: For More of The BEST Photo Education: ► Subscribe for MORE VIDEOS! and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS. ►FREE Downloads, Guides and Contracts: Follow Us: Newsletter: Instagram: […]

Make $3,000.00 THIS MONTH with PHOTOGRAPHY!

Chris Hau – NEW Lightroom PRESET PACK: The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : PM MERCH & COFFEE! : My 2019 KIT for Filmmaking, Photography & Vlogs: Camera Bag: Camera Bag Organizer Pouches: GoPro Hero 7 : My […]

How to Create Formal Family and Wedding Party Portraits that Sell

Most wedding photographers despise group & family portraits, which is understandable – they are tough to light, it takes a couple minutes to pose them properly, and there is always that one blinker. Learn how to create stunning editorial bridal party portraits using the unstoppable Profoto OCF Beauty Dish. Article Link: For More of […]

How to Create Sellable Stock Content

Mat Hayward shares in this Adobe video some ideas on pricing and a model release breakdown for those wanting to shoot stock.
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Guide to Setting Up a Photography Business Legally

Jim Harmer writes a well thought out article on how to set up your photography business from a legal standpoint. He walks you through the following steps in the article: Choose a Business Name LLC vs Sole Proprietorship Getting an EIN Separate Your Finances Registering to Pay State Sales Tax and Taxes Insurance and Everything […]