The True Story of the Afghan Girl Photo

Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl (published in National Geographic) is one of the most famous photos of all time. I had planned to make a tribute video celebrating the impact of the photo, but as I researched it, I came across new interviews with Sharbat Gula from the past 2 years. Those interviews revealed the other […]

Close Encounter with a Polar Bear

Photographer Gordon Buchanan comes face to face with a huge wild polar bear hoping he didn’t become the next meal.

Understanding Full Frame Sensors vs Crop Sensors in 2 Minutes – Photography Tips in 2 Minutes

Article link: When it comes to sensor sizes, the two terms most used to classify them are “full frame” and “crop sensor”. Each have its advantages and disadvantages, so how do you know sensor type is the best fit for your photography? Let’s find out.

How to add the Sun to your Photos – Photoshop Tutorial

Download the Suns Files here : Check out my full package of special effects here: In this Photoshop Tutorial, I am continuing the series on adding that extra element to your photos that can take your photos to the next level. In this episode, we are adding the sun!

Remove ANYTHING from a photo using Photoshop!

Peter McKinnon shares this great tip on how to use Photoshops new content aware feature. Content-Aware fill now allows you to choose where you want Photoshop to pull information out of. This is a huge game changer.

The ULTIMATE PORTRAIT LENS? :: Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master

The Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master lens is the 31st lens in Sony’s full-frame, e-mount lineup. I quickly fell in love with this lens – it is outstanding. Designed for longer portraits, this has some of the best optical rendering that I’ve seen on any lens to date. This is the ultimate portrait lens. Bokeh […]

Top 20 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone 2019!

Hey Guys, In this video I show you 20 top best photo editing apps for your apple iPhone 2019. – Check Out My Brand New Photo Preset Pack for 2019 – – Best MUSIC For Youtubers: – Royalty Free! – All the Gear I Use & Love! — Subscribe for New Videos […]

Spy Street Photography With Strange Lens Attachment

📷 GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO Get your very own, creepy Bower 52mm right angle mirror lens attachment spy lens here: Fuji X-T3 ➡ Fuji 35mm f2: ^ affiliate links 🎵 MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO Sink by David Cutter 📱 FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS 📧BUSINESS ADDRESS 782 […]


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7 Easy Portrait Lighting Setups in 70 Seconds

To see a more detailed breakdown of each setup, check out our blog post: ❍ For lighting, we used the Aputure 120d and the Aputure Tri-8c. Continuous lights worked well for this video so you could see how the light was interacting with the scene, but you can use strobes positioned similarly if it […]