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How to Use Fill Flash

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A fun video from the Travel Channel series "World of Photography" showing how to use fill flash to get a good shot in sunlight.

Joey Lawrence Shares Some Photo Insight

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Joey Lawrence has been an inspiration to many and shares his insight on what he looks for in working with people and getting an emotional connection with the viewer. His composition secret is creating a good balance a...

How to Shoot Food Photography

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This little 4 minute video will give you all kinds of great tricks on what the pro’s do when shooting food. I especially like how they used the little mirrors to reflect light onto the food. They also use a few tricks...

Using Light Meters to Improve Imagery

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Cinematographer Mark Vargo explains how to use two different light meters to improve your imagery.  Credited on movies such as Planet of the Apes and Deep Impact, he knows what he is talking about. This is designed fo...

Beautiful Time Lapse

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Every frame of this video was shot in a raw still format from a Canon 5D2 DSLR.  Then processed in Adobe After Effects that helps explains not only the remarkable clarity of these scenes, but the HDR effect that's cle...

High-Speed Water Drops

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Here you'll learn the technique to create stunning images with water and color as explained and subtitled by Markus Reugels. With high speed photography it is possible to freeze water drops down to a millisecond and c...

How to Create Refractographs

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This tutorial guides you through the process to create Refractographs and shows you the process Rob Turney uses to create these abstract photographs. Refractographs are caustic patterns produced as light reflects and ...

Blowing in the Wind!

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Do you really need 1/8000 second to stop action? In this video, Bryan Peterson proves you don't! In this exclusive PPSOP video, shot for AdoramaTV, Bryan Peterson proves that you don't need more than 1/500 second i...

Focus Stacking Tutorial

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Focus stacking video by Tony Northrup. Focus Stacking or Macro Focus Stacking/Image Stacking is the technique of shooting multiple images with a different focus point and then combining these images via Photoshop or p...