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7 Simple iPhone Photo Tips

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Jessica Ambats – Pulse Pounding Aerial Photography

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A behind-the-scenes look at how photographer Jessica Ambats captures the beauty of flight. Jessica specializes in air-to-air photography, a high-stakes type of aerial photography that involves shooting from an airplan...

Rubble And Broken Lives

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Kate Brooks is an American photojournalist who has covered the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan since September 11, 2001. This video has some of the most moving and emotional conflict photos we have seen. Kate s...

The Drone Photographer: How Eric Cheng is Democratizing Aerial Photography

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If you are interested in creating aerial photographs using drones, Eric Cheng shares equipment and photo ideas.

Learn the History of the First Photo Ever Taken

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We take photography for granted, but the history to get to where we are, started with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce tinkering in his office. Here is a great link for more information on the location

India: A Photographer’s Journey

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Jon McCormack shares some beautiful images from his travels in India in this video. This is on our bucket list for travel in the next few years. See more of Jon's work at www.jonmccormack.com

Master Series: Greg Heisler’s Advice to Photographers

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Great interview with Gregory Heisler,  a New York-based photographer, who is renowned for his technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness. His enthusiasm, curiosity, and drive are manifested in his hands-on approa...

Waterfall Photography Tips

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Gavin Hoey shares some good tips for shooting waterfalls. One thing we never considered was the movement of trees in the foreground.. some great advice here for you.

The Truth about Photography: Telling it Like it is

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Fro is giving students a reality check on what it's like to pursue photography. "What can I tell these students that will resonate with them in their photography life? Can I tell them that most of the kids I graduated...

Tips to Become a Successful Pro Photographer

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Are you a poor business manager? Poor at communicating? Do you have a process? These are questions you need to answer to become a success in your photography business.

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