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How to Use Fill Flash

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A fun video from the Travel Channel series "World of Photography" showing how to use fill flash to get a good shot in sunlight.

Use Dimmable LED for Studio Lighting

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Alex Koloskov shows how easy and useful $30 LED lights can be for a studio photographer. See more detailed info and the great photos he created in this video at You can buy these online at

Three Light Setup with Special Effects Lighting

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This is a simple setup that creates a dramatic lighting effect. They also review different flog fluids and show the results and the "Hang Time" for the fog.

Beautiful Photo Studio Portraits w/ One Light

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Learn 3 different studio portrait lighting techniques from Jim Talkinton using just one light. This video is quick and to the point.

Backlighting with the Sun

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Backlighting with the sun is a common technique that can create some dramatic results in your imagery. Throw in a flash and you can get a perfect exposure

Lost America – Interview with Troy Paiva

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Troy Paiva has explored the abandoned underbelly of America since the 1970s, wandering the deserted back roads of the American Southwest. In 1989 he decided to start taking photos of this wanderings and developed his ...

Portrait Lighting for Photography and Video

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This video will teach you the basics explaining several lighting positions that photographers have developed over the years. George Hurrell, who used tungsten to shoot stars, used these lighting positions. Learn to id...

Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background

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This is a great technique, shooting a portrait in mid day and creating a black background. Stop it down and power up  the light and you've got a wonderful portrait shot in the middle of the day. His settings were 100 ...

Shooting Zombies Through a Car: A Lighting Tutorial

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Camera movement is one of the most exciting, time consuming, and difficult aspects of working in video. The camera for the most part needs to move to create interest and direct the viewers' attention to what the direc...