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Nikon – Why

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Beautiful Time Lapse

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Every frame of this video was shot in a raw still format from a Canon 5D2 DSLR.  Then processed in Adobe After Effects that helps explains not only the remarkable clarity of these scenes, but the HDR effect that's cle...

Best iPhone and iPad Photo Apps for 2013

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The Top 10 photo apps for iPhone and iPad in 2013 to help you take better photos and create amazing looking iPhoneography shots using these awesome camera and photo editing apps. These are great apps for iPhoneographe...

Leica M9-P Being Crafted by Hand

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It costs $50,000 and only shoots in black and white, but the Leica M9-P Hermés Edition is undoubtedly the most beautiful camera in the world. The Hermés Edition exists to celebrate the life of Jean-Louis Dumas, the...

Hands on with the Canon EF 1200 f5.6L Lens

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Wow.. this is one big lens at 36 lbs and at a mere $120,000 its not cheap either. Add a tele-convertor and you have some amazing range.

Cleaning you Nikon D700 sensor

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This video shows you how to clean a Nikon D700 sensor, but will probably work on most SLR type cameras. Use caution when attempting to clean your sensors. It can save you quite a bit of money and not having to be with...

Portrait – A Documentary on Instagram and Photography

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A documentary that explores the question, "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?" Shot in Seattle. Andy: | Andria: | Cory: ...

MōVI RED Epic IR Test

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Here is a test shoot we did with the MōVI M10 and the RED Epic Infra Red body on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles CA. All footage was shot at 48 fps at 5K with a modified Epic camera. There is no post-stabilization ...

Myanmar Emerges: Dreams to Dust

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Now that Myanmar has opened up to tourism, there are still some serious challenges for people who live there. Dreams to Dust follows 15-year-old Ko Ko Aung, who lives on the fringes of Myanmar's largest mine. Ko Ko Au...

Shooting a Mackelmore Show from the Pit

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Imagine you get the opportunity to shoot a Mackelmore show without a 3 song limit (though he only shares 3 songs in the video). Well Jared Polin always has the best opportunities to shoot and he did just that. He has ...

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