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Short Film Created Using 852 Instagram Photos

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This is a very clever short clip by filmmaker Thomas Jullien. He wanted to create structure out of the chaos o Instagram. The result is a crowd source short-film that shows the endless possibilities of social media.

“Car-L” Meets the Lions

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What do you get when you put a camera on a remote controlled car and then send it into a pack of Lions? Well you get some interesting photos with a unique perspective.

How GoPro Became the Best-Selling Camera in the World

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60 minutes had a great segment on the story behind GoPro which we think you will enjoy. Taking an idea and turning it into a billion$$ idea, goPro has become the go to camera for adventurers. The very first GoPro was ...

Paparazzi – Love ’em or Hate ’em?

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Paparazzi are sometimes considered the scourge of the earth, but they play an important role in creating consumer content. This behind the scenes video takes a look at the often young, male and typically foreign papar...

MAGNUM Photographers Shoot Campaign

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A behind the scenes look at a Magnum Photographers campaign shoot. The Boston Consulting Group partnered with Magnum Photos agency and designers Kram/Weisshaar to create a cutting-edge exhibition to celebrate its 50th...

High-Speed Paint Flowers by Fabian Oefner

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Fabian Oefner's photography produces surreal, colorful imagery that captures unique moments in time and motion through the use of centrifugal forces, popped balloons, and more. See more of Fabian's work at fabianoe...

Pine Ridge Reservation and a Photographer

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Aaron Huey journeyed to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to photograph members of the Oglala Lakota Nation. The disarming stories of deceit, heartbreak, and violence he heard there changed his life forever.

Harlan Ellison — Pay the Writer

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Harlan Ellison shares his views on why he should get paid as a writer. Something we are all probably guilty of  but think this goes for photographers as well. This video is a few years old but still a good reminder. A...

Joe McNalley on the New Nikon DF

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Joe McNalley took the Nikon DF to Mexico and shares some of his thought and comments on Nikon's latest camera. The DF is am imaginative blend of old and new. Its light, its fast, its tracking is good. Will it keep ...

Story Behind the Rolling Stones Tongue Photo

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Photographer Richard Crawley captured one of the most iconic photos of Mick Jagger with his tongue out at a show in Australia. Here he tells the story behind the shot. “And he looks straight at me with this famous ...

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